Stand Up Packaging Pouches


Standup pouches are one of the most appealing flexible packaging pouches with a well-structured bottom. These pouches are gusseted at the bottom, which helps it stand erect on its base, giving maximum product visibility, especially in the modern business setup.

Stand up pouches are often preferred for vacuum packaging as these pouches have more product holding capacity as compared to other pouches. These pouches are sealed at the bottom and sides, leaving the top open for filling the product. Stand up pouches are often used for powders, grains and even ready-to-drink beverages.

You can further customise your packaging pouch by adding a metalised layer or a finishing touch of Gloss, matt or Gloss and matt, which helps you provide a unique buying experience for your customer. We use industry-approved process management tools like SAP S4 Hana, which helps us deliver your orders on time and maintain consistent product quality.

At Knack, we manufacture custom-designed standup pouches tailored for your product’s requirements. With up to 9 colours of Rotogravure printing, high-quality raw materials and complimentary design services, we offer the best packaging solution for your product. We thoroughly follow international manufacturing standards that help us cater to a wide range of industries like Food products, detergent products, Agrochemicals and FertilizersFertilizers, fertilisers, fertiliser, powder, and other granules.

Benefits of Stand Up Packaging Pouch

  • Unique Pouch Design
  • Highly customizable
  • Convenient to store and transport a variety of materials
  • Increased appeal to the products
  • 3 Clean sides for branding

Technical details

  • Pack size range: 50 gm to 3 kg
  • Material Used: LDPE film, HST BOPP Film, CPP film, PET metalized, PET window metalized, aluminium foil, plain PET, PET (matt/gloss) and BOPP (matt/gloss/matt & gloss combination)
Our specialty or uniqueness

Customers can buy pouches or printed laminated rolls that can be used to form, fill and seal at the customer end.

Complimentary design consultation and services

Rotogravure printing for long-lasting impressions

Premium quality raw material

Through and through inspection at various stages

Applicable Add-on Features

Customize your packaging pouch by adding any or all of the following add-on
features to increase the general buying appeal of your product:

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