Good paint is considered an essential part of the decor and a necessity. The paint industry goes about as a goal. It plays a focal part inside specific portions of the economy since they endow with protective and enhancing finishes for various products in different end-use markets. Paints are used to conceal a lot of items.
The Indian paint industry is 100 years of age. Its start can be followed back to the setting up of a processing plant by Shalimar Paints in Kolkata in 1902. Until World War II, the business consisted of little makers and two unfamiliar organizations. Later the conflict, the imports halted, which prompted the setting up of assembling offices by neighborhood business visionaries.
Product packaging ensures the item is inside at its most fundamental level. Packaging guarantees the item is protected during shipment between the assembling office and the retailer and should forestall harm. At the same time, the thing sits on the rack. Along these lines, paint product packing should be solid and dependable.
How Pouches can be a Better Alternative

Pouches are multiple layers of strong material that are laminated together to create a durable structure so it can stand if necessary, withstand puncture, and have materialistic properties to protect the contents inside from external influencing factors like moisture, vapor, odor, even UV rays. Pouches, moreover, benefits easy displacement & sealing that restricts leakage. Add on, reusability; customer satisfaction remains assured.

Why Knack Flexipack

We specialize in offering premium quality paint packaging solutions like Reusable pouches as well as Printed and Plain laminated rolls, ensuring durability and strength it desires. Our materials are non-reactive, resulting in no adverse outcomes in paint quality. These pouches or stock rolls are a convenient and economical packaging alternative that makes the process of product distribution and marketing more efficient. Our packaging solutions are fully customized in width or color as per your requirements.

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