Frozen Food


Frozen Food

The Frozen food market, which incorporates frozen snacks, frozen organic products and vegetables, frozen meat, poultry and fish, and frozen dinners, noticed a quicker development rate in the past five years. There is significant development in the quantity of millennial customers among the semi-metropolitan and metropolitan business sectors settling on accommodation food, bringing about the acknowledgment of Frozen food in India.
Frozen food has a long history – it's been well known since 3,000BC, when the ancient Chinese people utilized ice basements to save food through cool cold-weather month. The Romans additionally used to store food in packed snow in protected basements. Thus, it has been with us for quite a while! The mass usage began post-world war.
Frozen food packaging should keep up with its honesty all through filling, fixing, freezing, stockpiling, transportation, defrosting, and regular cooking. As many frozen foods are cooked in a microwave, producers have created products that can go from cooler to the microwave straightforwardly. Blocking the external factors, our vacuum sealed pouches keep the products fresh for longer period, increasing the period of usability, keeps up with item wellbeing.
How Pouches can be a Better Alternative

Flexible Packaging pouches are an innovative and sustainable packaging solution that makes product distribution more efficient. Thanks to the multiple layers of sturdy materials these packaging pouches withstand the normal wear and tear and also keeps the product fresh for a longer period of time. They have materialistic properties that help protect the contents inside from external influencing factors like moisture, vapor, odor, even UV rays. Pouches, moreover, benefits easy displacement & sealing that restricts leakage. Add on, reusability; customer satisfaction remains assured.

Why Knack Flexipack

We specialize in offering premium quality frozen food packaging solutions like Stand-up pouches, Pouch to Carry, Reusable pouches, and Printed and Plain laminated rolls. These pouches or stock rolls are a convenient and economical packaging alternative that makes the process of product distribution and marketing more efficient. Our packaging solutions are fully customized in width or color as per your requirements.

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