Coffee is as integral a part of people’s lives as tea. India ranks third in Asia and sixth as the largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of coffee globally. In India, coffee is grown in regions where rainfall is approximately 2,500-4,000 mm for more than 100 days, followed by a dry period of the same duration. Coffee-growing areas need to have diverse climatic conditions, which suits the cultivation of different varieties of coffee. Over 70% of the coffee produced in our country is exported, and the remaining is consumed in India.
Initially discovered in the 15th century, India's Introduction with Coffee happened way back in the 16th century in the southern part of our country. And this part today dominates the production of coffee; 53% of the coffee comes from Karnataka.
Good packaging can indeed be the best option to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Coffee is cultivated in different climatic conditions, and thus for it to thrive under the same, packaging certainly influences its impact and the end result. Our packaging solutions assure the protection of beans against deterioration. You can avail our add-on features to empower your packaging.
How Pouches can be a Better Alternative

Flexible Packaging pouches are an innovative and sustainable packaging solution that makes product distribution more efficient. Thanks to the multiple layers of sturdy materials, these packaging pouches withstand the normal wear and tear and keep the product fresh for a longer period of time. They have materialistic properties that help protect the contents from external factors like moisture, vapor, odor, even UV rays. Pouches, moreover, benefits easy displacement & sealing that restricts leakage. Add on, reusability; customer satisfaction remains assured.

Why Knack Flexipack

We specialize in offering premium quality coffee packaging solutions like Stand-up pouches, Pouch to Carry, Reusable pouches, and printed and plain laminated rolls. These pouches or stock rolls are a convenient and economical packaging alternative that makes the process of product distribution and marketing more efficient. Our packaging solutions are fully customized in width or color as per your requirements.

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