Bakery Items


Bakery Items

The bakery industry in India is the biggest of the food handling segment, with an expected yearly turnover of about $ 7.60 billion in 2020. The flourishing biscuits and cookie industry generally determine the development and spread of the bakery market. The biscuits and cookie industry represents almost 72% of the deals in the Indian bakery market. The infiltration of cookies and biscuits in the metropolitan and the rural market is expanding due to their reasonable cost and preparedness to eat nature.
Baked goods have been around for millennia. The specialty of baking was grown right on time during the Roman Empire. The bakery segment in India can be classified into the three sections of bread, biscuits, and cakes. Since the coming of organizations (MNC) selling pizzas and burgers in the nation, individuals are changing their preferences too. The bakery industry has accomplished the third situation in creating income among the processed food sector in India. The first and the subsequent portions are wheat and flour handling and foods grown from the ground handling.
Bakery products incorporate things of various bundling necessities, which are met by a range of plastic materials in the form of films, thermoformed plates, and laminates. These materials give sufficient security against dampness loss/gain, hold the taste and smell, and are clean and safe for food contact. Other additional properties, such as machinability, printability, and cost adequacy, make them ideal packages.
How Pouches can be a Better Alternative

Flexible Packaging pouches are an innovative and sustainable packaging solution that makes product distribution more efficient. Thanks to the multiple layers of sturdy materials, these packaging pouches withstand the normal wear and tear and keep the product fresh for a longer period of time. They have materialistic properties that help protect the contents from external factors like moisture, vapor, odor, even UV rays. Pouches, moreover, benefits easy displacement & sealing that restricts leakage. Add on, reusability; customer satisfaction remains assured.

Why Knack Flexipack

We specialize in offering premium quality bakery item packaging solutions like Stand-up pouches, Pouch to Carry, Reusable pouches, and printed and plain laminated rolls. These pouches or stock rolls are a convenient and economical packaging alternative that makes the process of product distribution and marketing more efficient. Our packaging solutions are fully customized in width or color as per your requirements.

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